who we are

A Little Bit About Us

Travel, because You Only Live Once. GoTyolo is all about your love for travel. We believe in creating experiences at places you never imagined in ways never thought possible. All our trips and expeditions are carefully crafted/curated, with extensive research and in collaboration with a local expert for an immersive travel experience. You will be traveling with a small group of like-minded people who share similar interest and passion for travel as you do. At GoTyolo you are guaranteed to have incredible stories and unforgettable memories to share. If you are looking for conventional travel, we are sorry, you are at the wrong place.

Why Travel With Tyolo

We are on a quest to build the world's strongest travel community, connect with like-minded people around the world and change the way travel is seen or experienced today.

Small group of like-minded people

We truly believe in quality over quantity and hence our groups consist of only 12-15 people. It’s a great way of meeting and forging bonds with new and interesting travel affectionados like yourself without being overwhelmed by a huge crowd of strangers.

Uniquely curated itineraries

All the activities and travel routes are have been personally curated by our team and handcrafted for an unforgettable experience every trip!

Immersive travel experience

We understand that the true essence of travel is to be able to immerse yourself in the culture and vibe of the place and so we make sure to include loads of interactive activities throughout the trip.

Local food trails

We know that you can’t truly get a taste of a culture unless you try their food and wine. Our trips are scattered with plenty of street food and pub crawls for you to try out.

We're all travel enthusiasts as well

We don’t believe in following the trail, we like making our own. Explore destinations that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Our Team

Ramesh is a self-proclaimed 'professional holidayer' who has visited over 20 countries in the last 4 years. Talk about an on brand CEO! He has over 14 years of experience in the Internet Start-ups industry. Before founding GoTyolo he was Head of Sales and Operations at Byond Travel, since its inception. Parellel to runnning the company, his mind mostly runs snowy dreams of Iceland.



Srini is most famously known as a marketing guru in the start-up world and for his unique approach to scale internet businesses. Before joining GoTyolo, Srini had co-founded Sportskeeda which is now acquired by Nazara Technologies. He is also a consultant for many successful start ups like Twitter, Byjus, Doubtnut and Commonfloor.



Arun is a techie and loves to solve problems. With great insights and even greater patience, he guides all our tech projects. Travel and technology are not his only passions. In his spare time, he loves capturing nature wildlife on his lens. No wonder he clicks all our pictures too!


Founder & CTO

Debu is a pro at debugging and fixing our cloud infrastructure. He has worked with CISCO and NDS in the past. Besides being an awesome debugger, Debu is also an avid traveler and has covered the UK, Europe and Middle East. His dream destination is to visit Japan, maybe so he can finally be around people who create less bugs than us.



Athul is a kickass UI/UX designer with 6 years of dynamic experience in various aspects of design like UX, product design and photography. He is an alumnus of NIFT Bangalore. During the day he dishes out super sleek and classy designs for us and by night he can be found skateboarding or binge-watching Anime and movies.


UI/UX Designer

Suthanth likes to say, "I believe that the code is like poetry. It's not just beautiful in the way it works, but also beautiful in the way it's written". If that's the case, then he's definitely an amazing poet. He loves coding so much that instead of a weekend drink with friends, he just gets high on good code.


Back-end Developer

When he's not developing awesome apps, you can find him watching football and films, while consuming copious amounts of ice-cream. His love for French cuisine always draws him to Pondicherry, though his current dream destination is Iceland.


Full Stack Developer

Rhea loves to code and realize UI designs for real world applications. She also loves puns as much as she loves to travel, which is an insane lot! When she's not coding, she's found reading blogs, scouring pictures and writing about travel. Her dream destination is everywhere but recently she's been kawaii-zy about Japan!


Front-end Developer

Shriya is our content power-house who works on all the cheeky content that we produce. She can mostly be found scouring through the interwebs for content inspiration and travel trends. At other times, she is busy scrolling through memes, delving deep into kpop/kdramas, discussing history and politics and watching sitcoms. Although she really wants to visit South Korea one day, her dream destination is Finland.


Content Creator